Preferential loans for the Batken Region

Preferential loans for the Batken Region

* Within the Project of the Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic “Financial Support to SME” 

Lending currency:    Kyrgyz som
Loan amount:           up to 10 000 000
Loan interest rate:   From 0% to 3% per annum
Validity:                    up to 60 months
Who can get a loan?  Individual entrepreneurs at the ages from 20 to 65 (at the time of full loan repayment) and the individuals with a stable business operating for at least 6 months (without interruption) before applying for loan, which are located in the territory of the Batken Region.
Target industry
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Transport
  • Production of protective medical supplies and personal protective equipment
  • Trading
  • Service industry
  • Education
  • Output and processing of agricultural products
  • Industry
  • Export-oriented and import-substituting enterprises
  • Trade and logistics centers and vegetable storage facilities
  • Innovative activities (establishing new enterprises or new areas of activities)
  • Information technology
Designated purpose
  • Should be related to the animal husbandry establishment, development, expansion and management, including the improvement of the conditions, base for agricultural livestock and poultry, fodder purchase and procurement.
  • Should be related to tourism development.
  • Should be related to the fixed assets acquisition, renewal, modernization and the component and spare part procurement.
  • Financing of all production cycle stages, including the purchase of fixed and current assets, as well as the financing of payroll funds.
  • Procurement of goods, raw materials, components, spare parts by business entities using digitalization components (electronic invoices, software cash registers, marking of goods);
  • Refinancing of loans to industrial, manufacturing and processing enterprises*;
  • Procurement of software, etc.

* It is not allowed to refinance the existing debt of borrowers within the framework of previously implemented projects "Agriculture Financing" and "Lending to the Agroindustrial Complex".


More detailed information can be obtained from the following addresses:

12 A, A. Zhalilov str., Kadamjai city, Kadamjai District, Batken Region

Molodezhnaya St.,w/n (crossroads of the market "Aibek") 1st floor, Batken r., Kyzyl-Kiya,

26, Nurgaziev str., Batken city, Batken Region

Phone number for reference:

0 3622 50 3 08 

0 312 55 44 44