Opening and maintenance of the loro correspondent accounts

Opening and maintenance of the loro correspondent accounts

Loro's account is an account opened on the balance sheet of OJSC Keremet Bank in the name of a counterparty bank for carrying out transactions regulated by the Agreement for establishing correspondent relations.

OJSC Keremet Bank offers counterparty banks the opening and maintenance of correspondent accounts in Kyrgyz KGS (for non-resident banks), Russian rubles, US dollars, euros and other currencies under flexible terms of service, oriented to the requirements of the counterparty bank, using favorable tariffs for account management and conduction of transactions.

In order to open a correspondent account with OJSC Keremet Bank it is necessary to:

1. Conclude an agreement on opening and maintaining a correspondent account.

2. Submit all the necessary documents for opening a correspondent account to the bank:

  • Application for opening a correspondent account according to the sample;
  • The client’s form – lending company;
  • The cards of signature and seal samples in 2 copies (notarized);
  • Copies of a set of founding documents (notarized);
  • Copies of the banking license of the Respondent for the right to conduct banking operations (notarized or certified by the Central (National) Bank of the country-location of the Respondent);
  • Financial reports for a previous fiscal year (confirmed by the audit) and for the last reporting date (certified by the responsible employee of the Respondent);
  • A certificate, or a document certifying the government registration of the Respondent as a legal entity (certified by a notary);
  • If the Respondent is a branch of a lending institution - a copy of the Branch Regulations (certified by a notary);
  • Copies of the documents confirming the authority of the officials included in the card of samples of signatures and seals (certified by a notary or by a responsible employee of the Respondent);
  • A power of attorney for a person who signed the Agreement, if the authority of this person is not stipulated in the Charter or if his signature is not listed in the card of signature samples;
  • Agreement on establishment of correspondent relations, signed by the authorized person of the Respondent and certified by their seal;
  • A power of attorney for a person authorized to receive tables and telex keys, and/or floppy (smart cards) of the Client Terminal system (by agreement of the parties);
  • Other documents that can be requested by the Bank in accordance with the current legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic and the norms of international banking practice;
  • All documents must have a notarized official translation into Russian. If between the state in which the Respondent is registered and the Kyrgyz Republic there is no international agreement on the validity of notarized documents, the Respondent shall submit the above documents to the Bank, legalized in the embassy (consulate) of the Kyrgyz Republic abroad.

To perform operations on the correspondent account, the account holder provides payment orders to OJSC Keremet Bank, which must be submitted to the bank with the use of special means of communication: SWIFT, Telex.

Contact details:

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Department of correspondent relations:

Omurova Ellira Sagynbekovna