Keremet Bank opened a correspondent account in Russian rubles with Sberbank PJSC

18 February 2021

Keremet Bank has opened a correspondent account in Russian rubles with Sberbank PJSC, one of the leading international financial institutions and one of the largest banks of Russia, Central and Eastern Europe.

Establishing relations with such a large and reliable partner as Sberbank PJSC contributes to the expansion of the international mutual settlements for export and import operations between different countries.

Having been established 180 years ago, Sberbank is nowadays in the TOP of the best banks and among the largest and most stable financial institutions in Russia. Providing a full range of demanded banking services, Sberbank is one of the leaders in the implementation of innovative solutions, programs and advanced technologies in the banking sector. 52.3% of bank’s shares are controlled by the state represented by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, the rest is in public circulation.

For information on Keremet Bank’s partner banks, please contact the bank via the following link , or 24-hour contact center by phone (0312) 55 44 44 or WhatsApp (0557) 55 44 44.