Declaration of Commitment to the "Sustainable Development" and "ESG-Banking" Standards

We, "Keremet Bank" OJSC, are convinced that every inhabitant of the Earth, whole country, city and small village can and should contribute to environmental protection. Each of us can stop man-made phenomena, which threaten today, such as global warming and environmental pollution.

We, "Keremet Bank" OJSC, noting the commitments made by the Kyrgyz Republic to achieve the "Sustainable Development Goals" and "Transforming Our World: Agenda for Sustainable Development for the period until 2030", declare our commitment to the sustainable development goals and ESG standards. Environmental, social and management development is an important factor in our business strategy and investment activities.

We take an active part in the development of environmentally friendly and socially responsible projects, as well as follow the ESG standards and principles in banking.

We provide our partners and customers with information about our projects and activities, so that they could evaluate their compliance with the ESG standards.

We will continue to integrate the Green Banking principles into our activities and to aspire to the next higher level of compliance with the ESG standards in the future.

We understand that environmental and social responsibility is a key part of our business, and we will work to improve our practices in this area.

We encourage other companies and organizations to join us in our bid to meet the ESG standards and to work together in order to create a cleaner and fairer world for all.

We believe that the environmental protection and sustainable development are key factors for long-term financial sustainability and security.

We are constantly looking for new ways to support and invest in environmentally friendly and sustainable projects.

We offer to expand the range of green banking products and services, including environmentally compatible loans, eco-investments, and sustainable finance advices for our customers.

We also adhere to the strict environmental standards in our banking activities and strive to minimize our environmental footprint.

We are certain that our commitment to the ESG standards and our environmentally compatible banking products will help our customers to make more responsible investment choices and to support and develop environmentally friendly and sustainable projects in compliance with market and society demands.

We are convinced that the sustainable development will improve the lives of our and future generations. The basis for a stable public life is the reliable labor and partnership relations, respect for business custom and favorable relations with all interested parties in our society. Therefore, one of our goals is to introduce and popularize the culture of conscious production and consumption and to increase the population literacy rate in formation of responsible attitude to environmental protection.