Tariffs for making payments in Internet Banking

Tariffs for making payments in Internet Banking


Name of the service  Commission
Internet banking connection and service  Free
View details of account transactions   Free
Transfer between accounts 
Transfer between your accounts   Free
Transfers within one branch of "Keremet Bank" OJSC   Free
Transfers within the branch network of "Keremet Bank" OJSC


Outgoing payments in Kyrgyz soms (clearing) for amounts up to 20,000 soms 10 ⊆
for amounts from 20,001 to 100,000 soms 35 ⊆
for amounts from 100,001 soms to 500,000 soms 55 ⊆
for amounts from 500,001 soms to 1,000,000 soms 70 ⊆
Outgoing payments in Kyrgyz soms (Gross)  150 ⊆
Outgoing payments in US-dollars (SWIFT) 0,15%, min 20$, max 300$
Outgoing payments in Russian rubles (SWIFT) 0,10%, min 200 ₽, max 1500 ₽
Outgoing payments in Euro (SWIFT) 0,15%, min 25 , max 150 
Outgoing payments in Kazakh tenge (SWIFT) 0,10%, min 1500 ₸, max 5000 
 Payments to Service Providers* 
Internet providers KR MegaCom, Beeline, O! Free
Kyrgyztelecom (phone)
Internet providers CityNet, FastNet, Homeline, Megaline, SaimaNet, Saima 4G, Elcat, EXNET, Aknet, Jet, Kyrgyztelecom ADSL, Asia Info, SkyNet, My(Internet) Free
TV Smart TV, ZOR TV  5 ⊆
Fixed-line telephony Kyrgyztelecom, Asia Info 5 ⊆
Municipal services

Garbage collection, Intercom, Payment for gas, Elevator, Payment for electricity, Bishkekteploset, Bishkekvodokanal, Komkhoz (MPOKUT Talas), HOA Akun (utilities), KomTransKom Individuals and Legal Entities), etc.


On-line services

Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, Skype, Mamba, My World (Mail.ru)

10 ⊆
Hoster.kg (hosting services)

1x11 soccer manager, WorldofTanks, TankiOnline, BananaWars, Ganjawars, Haddan, Lineage 2, Mobile Legends, Metel War Online, Pirate's Code, Barbarians Prison.New Time, Heroes of War and Money, World of Warplanes, Warthunder, Warface, U.N.I.T. , Stormfall, UFO online, Sky2Fly, Steam, Neverlends, Pointblank, Prime World, RF Online, Razer Gold Pins USD.

10 ⊆
Taxi service

Namba Taxi, Jorgo Taxi, SMS-Taxi (LLC "Innoa")

Card "Tulpar" (electronic ticketing) Free



1,50 % 
Mbank 1%


Safe city Fines, traffic police payment of a fine according to protocols, Taxes of individuals and individual entrepreneurs, Payment of public services, Payment of an electronic patent

from 5 to 20⊆

Banking services

MCC Oxus CJSC, Amanat Credit MCC, Incom MFC,Salym Finance MFC OJSC 10 ⊆
MP Bishkekglavarkhitekura from 5 to 20 
Bailik Finance MCC 0,50%

MFC Ayu Finance CJSC, Bir Top MCC

 Education AVN - KUU, AVN - Osh State University, Academy of Tourism 20

*The list of service providers is regularly updated