Tariffs for making payments in Internet Banking

Tariffs for making payments in Internet Banking


Name of the service  Commission
Internet banking connection and service  Free
View details of account transactions   Free
Transfer between accounts 
Transfer between your accounts   Free
Transfers within one branch of "Keremet Bank" OJSC   Free
Transfers within the branch network of "Keremet Bank" OJSC


Outgoing payments in Kyrgyz soms (clearing) for amounts up to 20,000 soms 10 ⊆
for amounts from 20,001 to 100,000 soms 35 ⊆
for amounts from 100,001 soms to 500,000 soms 55 ⊆
for amounts from 500,001 soms to 1,000,000 soms 70 ⊆
Outgoing payments in Kyrgyz soms (Gross)  150 ⊆
Outgoing payments in US-dollars (SWIFT) 0,15%, min 20$, max 300$
Outgoing payments in Russian rubles (SWIFT) 0,10%, min 200 ₽, max 1500 ₽
 Payments to Service Providers* 
Internet providers KR MegaCom, Beeline, O! Free
Internet providers CityNet, FastNet, Homeline, Megaline, SaimaNet, Saima 4G, Elcat, EXNET, MaxLink, Aknet, Jet, Kyrgyztelecom ADSL, Asia Info, Goodline, IPswitch, SkyNet, My(Internet), Sapatcom Free
TV Smart TV, Ala TV, AiTV network, ITV.KG, Online TV, ZOR TV, Dolon TV, Kyrgyz TV 10 ⊆
Fixed-line telephony Kyrgyztelecom, Asia Info, SaimaTelecom 5 ⊆
Telecom operators in other countries Tele2 (Russian Federation), Smart Sim (Europe) 10 ⊆
Municipal services Garbage collection, house intercom, payment for gas, elevator, payment for electricity, Bishkekteploset, Bishkekvodokanal, etc. Free
Payment of goods in catalogues Mary Kay, Oriflame, AVON, Faberlic 10 ⊆
On-line services Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Skype, Torrent.kg, GeoPay, BeSmart, etc. 10 ⊆
Games 11x11 football manager, WorldofTanks, WorldofBatles, TankiOnline, etc. 10 ⊆
Taxi service Namba Taxi, Jorgo Taxi, Diplomat Taxi, Bambook Taxi, SMS taxi, Taxi 37, Econom taxi 10 ⊆
E-wallets Elsom 2% of the amount
Wallet One 10 ⊆

*The list of service providers is regularly updated