Deposit "Pension Savings"

Deposit "Pension Savings"

The deposit "Pension Savings" is intended for pensioners who wish not only to save, but also to increase their savings.

Main terms of deposit:

  • Minimum deposit amount 5 000 KGS/RUB or 100 USD/EUR;
  • Interest payment - monthly;
  • Top-up deposit without restrictions (except for 2 months before the end of the deposit period);
  • Partial withdrawal is not provided;
  • Early termination:

              - before the expiration of the first 6 (six) months of the deposit term – interest on the deposit is recalculated and paid at the demand deposit rate established by the Bank at the time of repayment of the deposit amount or part of it*;

               - in the period from the date of expiration of the first 6 (six) months – interest on the DEposit is recalculated and paid at the rate depending on the actual time of the deposit specified in the agreement;

Automatic renewal of deposit is provided**.


Interest rates ***:

months months 12 months 18 months 24 months 36 months
KGS  7,0%  9,0% 14,0% 14,5% 15,0% 15,5%
USD  0,0%  0,0% 1,5%   1,5%  
EUR  0,5%  0,5%  0,5%    1,0%  
RUB  6,0%  6,5%  7,0%    7,0%  

Effective interest rate in soms up to 16,6%, in US-Dollars up to 1,5%, in euro up to 1%, in rubles up to 7,2%

*Demand deposit rate - 0%.

** Automatic renewal of the deposit for the same period with the interest rate set by the Bank for this type of deposit at the time of renewal.

*** The interest rates indicated in the table are annual

NOTE: The Bank reserves the right to change and establish individual tariffs. 

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