Corporate loan «Business breadth»

Corporate loan «Business breadth»

"Keremet Bank" OJSC offers its customers to use the Corporate loan «Business breadth» for business development.

If you do not have enough collateral to get the necessary amount of borrowed resources, use the joint offer of Keremet Bank and the Guarantee Fund, executing a guarantee of up to 50% of the business loan amount.

Who can get a loan? Individual entrepreneurs and legal entities with a stable business operating continuously for at least 6 months.
Designated purpose
  • Acquisition/ repair/ reconstruction of fixed assets
  • Acquisition of real estate for commercial purposes
  • Working capital replenishment
  • Refinancing of loans, industry and target direction of which corresponds to the conditions of this product
  • Development of agribusiness (animal agriculture, crop production, payment of works for agricultural needs, etc.)
Loan amount*

from 70 000 000 KGS 

Interest rates**(annual)
  • from 18% in KGS

Loan term up to 60 months

1. Real estate

2. Movable property (equipment, transport, goods for sale) - not more than 30% of the total collateralized property

3. Surety commitment

Insurance By decision of the Credit Committee of the Bank
Existence of bank settlement account It is obligatory
Terms of repayment of the loan
  • Annuity payments on a monthly basis;
  • Equal credit repayment (monthly, quarterly);
  • Flexible schedule (in case of seasonality of business it is possible to establish an individual monthly payment schedule);
  • It is possible to grant a deferral on the repayment of the basic loan debt for a period of not more than 12 months.
Commission for loan arrangement By decision of the Credit Committee of the Bank

On the questions of corporate lending you can contact the Contact Center by phone: 996 (312) 55 44 44


*According to the resolution of Management Board of the NBKR No. 7/3 dated 10th February 2016 it is possible to issue loans in foreign currency to persons engaged in business activities on the basis of a certificate or patent

** Annual effective interest rate is 17,23% KGS.