Instructions for using Google Authenticator

Instructions for using Google Authenticator

Instructions for using Google Authenticator

  1. Download Google Authenticator from the Play Market or App Store to your mobile device;
  2. With the help of the Google Authenticator scan the QR code, which you received when you were making a contract for Internet banking. If everything goes well, there will be one-time OTP-password on the screen of the mobile device generated by the Google Authenticator and is valid only for one authentication session, since it is limited to a certain period of time;
  3. Open the page to enter the Internet banking or the Keremetbank Mobile application installed on the smartphone;
  4. Enter your login and password in the appropriate fields;
  5. After entering the login and password, the OTP-code entry window will be displayed. Types an OTP password generated in Coogle Authenticator;
  6. Press Enter
  7. Log in and work in your personal user account without  having to go to  the offices of the bank.

Moving the Google Authenticator to another mobile device:

  1. Download Google Authenticator to another mobile device;
  2. With the help of Google Authenticator scan the QR code you received earlier in the bank. If you lost the QR code, then you need to contact your Branch where you are a client to receive a new QR code.

Synchronization of time when using Google Authenticator in a different time zone

For Android:

  1. Go to Google Authenticator, click three points in the right upper corner;
  2. Click the Settings section;
  3. Select Time Correction for codes;
  4. Select Synchronize. 

For  iOS:

  1. Go to Google Authenticator in the Settings section;
  2. Go to the Basic section, then the Date and time settings;
  3. In the Date and time settings, turn off and enable the Automatically setting;
  4. Then in Google Authenticator, drag the field with the code down to synchronize;
  5. After 30 seconds, try again to use the OTP-code to enter Internet banking or the Keremet bank Mobile application;

For detailed advice, you can contact the Bank's Contact Center at +996 (312) 55 44 44